I created this video to document the making of the cover painting for The Burning Of Rome's album, "With Us." I started the painting in 2010, when the band started recording the album. I set out like I often do, with no particular direction, just listening to the demos and seeing where it took me. During a few hiccups and stalls in the recording process I lost momentum on the piece, and set it aside until recording resumed. Once the band got back at it the record took a real spacey sci-fi feel, at least partly due to all the theremin Adam was lacing the tracks with (which never actually made it into the final mixes). I had recently come up with the Star-Eye character and I decided to take the art in that direction, set in deep space. So that's how it came together. All sounds were taken off the album which is out on Surfdog Records.

My friends in The Burning of Rome got 500 records with blank sleeves so I told them to drop a stack off with me and I would draw/paint on some. I finished 39 over the weekend. I used markers and pens on a few, and cut some stencils to spray the majority of them. Quick and dirty, but each one is unique!

Here's my second video in this series of painting process videos I am doing to document how my paintings come together. This painting is called "Heart and Soul" and was painted in July of 2010. I went a little overboard on the title sequence but it was a fun exercise to learn the functions of my new Canon.

I made this video in an effort to document the making of a weird psychedelic painting I call "Won't Get Fooled Again." It is 16 X 20" acrylic on canvas. The painting was a gift for my then-friend, now sister-in-law Brianna, who had just finished vet school at UC Davis! This is the first video I put together in iMovie using a basic point and shoot camera.