New Year, New Stuff

Happy New Year. Old windows in this house are letting the unusually cold (for San Diego) winter air ooze in and I am sporting a knock-off Snuggie® with paw prints and listening to Rats Eyes to combat the chill as I type this. Not a pretty picture, but I digress. Last year I really experimented with how I create art and explored the reasons why I create art in the first place. This led to a year of making more art than I ever had before. I had a solo show, participated in a handful of group shows, sold over a dozen pieces, got art published in a magazine, joined a local art collective, met many talented artists, and gave away some paintings to some really great friends and family. Last year was the best year of my life in many ways and if my calender for the first couple of months of 2011 is any indication then next year is going to be crazy for me. I am participating in two art shows planned for January and two more lined up for the following months. First up is…

Psykhe Exhibition Flier

Psykhe Exhibition Flier

The very first prints of my paintings are available for preorder now. Early birds get the low numbers and these are extremely limited. More info in the prints section.
Giving In To The Night After Night Giclee Print By Teddy Pancake

Also, the last copy of this Labyrinth art print is available HERE.
She's Going To Say The Words Fine Art Print by Teddy Pancake

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